Sara has over thirty years of camelid ownership and training experience. In addition to training, Sara has been actively involved in the evaluation and reshaping of numerous animals with behavioral and training issues. Sara is available on a limited basis for local consultations and individual training sessions for camelids and their owners.


Sara began learning about Camelidynamics in 2006 and has found that it closely aligns with the training techniques she has been using for over three decades. Sara earned the Camelidynamics Handler Seal and entered the Practitioner program in 2008.


Camelidynamics is based on the methods first developed by Linda Tellington-Jones for horses (TTEAM and TTOUCH) which have been adapted and expanded for camelids by Camelidynamics founder, Marty McGee Bennett.


Carl has also earned the Camelidynamics Handler Seal and is the Superintendent of the ILR Llama Show at the Eastern States Exposition (the Big E).


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Sara & Carl Davis

Shelburne Massachusetts


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