Goat meat is commonly known as chevon. Worldwide, goat is the most commonly consumed red meat. In America, chevon is becoming more popular with the health-conscious consumer, especially those looking for a tasty, naturally raised product that is heart healthy.


Goat is one of the healthiest meats available. It is very high in iron and protein and contains less fat and cholesterol than skinless chicken breast.


Goat meat has also been found to contain more omega acids than many other protein sources.


In addition to its health benefits, the mild flavor and versatility of locally raised goat makes it an ideal choice for the health conscious individual who is concerned with the source and additives in their diet.


Below is a table comparing the relative nutritional value of chevon and other meats.



Goat Meat

3oz. Cooked
Cal. Fat
Sat. Fat
Beef 245 16 6.8 23 2.9 73.1
Pork 310 24 8.7 21 2.7 73.1
Lamb 235 16 7.3 22 1.4 78.2
Chicken 120 3.5 1.1 21 1.5 76
Chevon 122 2.58 0.79 23 3.3 63.8

We are a local farm that practices sustainable agriculture and we have a high regard for the health and safety of our customers and our animals. We understand and share the desire to move away from hormones and antibiotics in our food. By providing a locally grown alternative to mainstream, mass produced meat products, we can promise our customers that our chevon is not only delicious, but locally raised and hormone and antibiotic free. We sell retail cuts of chevon, as well as a variety of goat sausages and kielbasa.


While it's true that our locally raised chevon is more expensive than the factory-farm beef and pork or imported lamb you may find in the grocery store, you can take comfort in knowing our animals are raised locally, without the use of unnecessary antibiotics or growth hormones. We check each of our animals every day and ensure that they receive the best possible care through all stages of their lives. You can rest assured that the meat you purchase from us came from a healthy, well cared for animal. Once you have tried a well prepared, locally grown chevon roast, we are sure you will be back for more.


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Sara & Carl Davis

Deerfield Massachusetts


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