Sara & Carl both graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with our Bachelor of Science in Animal Science in 2005. We both grew up raising a variety of livestock on small dairy farms in Massachusetts and enjoy the challenges and rewards of owning our own farm.


We are excited to be putting our education and experience to work on our farm with our own family. We chose to raise goats because they are inquisitive, comical and easily handled without expensive equipment.


Boer goats were an easy decision because they require very little maintenance to be healthy and productive and are easier to confine than most other goat breeds. We enjoy the benefits of raising our own chevon (goat meat) and have found that the market for registered breeding stock in the North East is excellent.


Sara currently serves as a Regional Director on the Board of the American Boer Goat Association, representing over 350 ABGA members in the Northeast US. Email Sara with questions or concerns.

About Us

Our Herd


Our herd consists primarily of Fullblood Boer goats, but we have a few high quality Saanen dairy goat does as well. Our goats exemplify the breed standards and our herd represents some of the most productive genetics in the country.


In choosing our foundation stock, we searched for breeding programs that emphasized heavy muscling, length, depth of body, strong top line and legs, correct bite and teat structure, and excellent maternal ability.


Health Management


For the health of our herd, we vaccinate annually for over-eating disease, perform routine FAMACHA checks and deworm on an as-needed basis. We also strive to maintain a disease-free herd and test our animals for CAE, CL and Johne's.




Mature goats are rotationally grazed and browsed throughout the summer and receive high quality hay for the balance of the year with supplemental pelleted feed as needed.


Kids are offered a pelleted creep feed before two weeks of age and we provide a high quality loose mineral supplement to all of our goats to ensure a balanced diet.




We prefer to breed our does to kid during the winter and have had excellent success. Our does birth without assistance or separation from the herd, our kids thrive without heat lamps in often sub-zero temperatures, and are healthy and happily bouncing around the barn within hours.

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